Liquid Rooms Edinburgh //December 12th 2015

Knee Deep in Sound

Hot Since 82 // Denney // Maxxi Soundsystem

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I have to say, I’m delighted I made it back to my hometown for this one! Nightvision has very quickly built itself up to be one of Edinburgh’s most reputable club series boasting the biggest names in house, techno + bass with and equally up-for-it crowd (the Scottish know how to party – I’m talkin major fist in the air material!). Split over the different seasons, we’ve already seen immense showcases from both world renowned and the most exciting emerging artists across the whole scene, from techno legends Kerri Chandler, Nina Kraviz and Joy Orbison to bass heavyweights Shy FX, Roni Size and more recently the bad-ass bass addict David Rodigan.

So this was right up my street and I hadn’t had an Edinburgh venture for a while. Nightvision was the one tempting me home just for a few days to dip my feet back in Scottish sounds and see what the score was. I knew what I was in for but I’m always heavily reminded when I’m there of the craziness of bein in a Scottish club. Love it!

As usual I was fashionably later than I wanted to be which meant I was dancin’ feet first into a club full of tanked up Scots who were already stuck way more than knee deep into the night (see what I did there!). Like I mentioned before, the Scottish crowd in my eyes is the best crowd in the world, the atmosphere + general good vibes and banter they create is unreal and there’s no bunch of people anywhere else in the world who are quite as up for it as us Scots! Nightvision with it’s line ups doesnt need to overdo anything else and there’s no fancy unneeded visuals or décor, just a raw, well-suited venue with true bangin’ music.

Maxxi Soundsystem had the place goin at a nice pace. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Brighton-born talent play a few times before, mostly in London, and he has a real gift of presence behind the decks and his sets are always a step above the last. This set was a fusion of vocals, originals and remixes – a kranked up version of his track ‘Near Me’, a massive crowd pusher! The dancers at the front of the club know where they wanna be and aint moving anywhere apart from their dancing spot that theyve secured! The club was packed out but I was happy to still have enough room to flex – and let me tell ya, there is nothin worse for me than not bein able to have a good dance. Nightvision’s events are always a sell-out because of the stellar choice in line-up’s. There’s nowhere else in Edinburgh to find anything with the same standard of line up…

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It had been a very long while since I last set foot in the Liquid Room – one of Edinburgh’s biggest + longest running club venues set in a 19th century church on my favourite creepy old street in Edinburgh. There’s no way from the outside that any stranger would know that inside there’s a bangin club goin on underground. The whole place has been ripped out and set in with a recently major upgrade in the production and  soundsystem with an iron-clad warehousey feel with a suitably spacious outside are (with lower key beats on the go) for the socialites and smokers.

It’s an awesome use of space and even when it is full capacity (like tonight) it never feel too much and the people in there are all cool with a wee dance past one another to get from one side of the club to another, or from dancefloor to bar. The overhanging balcony is an escape from the buzzing dancefloor but still a place to move your feet as it overlooks the whole dancefloor underneath and faces the dj booth up on that wee stage.

I was up there for Hot Since 82 taking over the sounds. And nicely done as he took over and was welcomed by the heated up crowd who had been waitin for him. Takin the music a touch heavier he began his beat journey with a few of his own tracks – ‘Play The Room’ – one of my favourite releases of 2015, so was an absolute delight when I heard it! The Knee Deep In Sound label boss is true to his word when he promises nothing but quality house music, and his track choice for his Nightvision set was second to none… I have to say I was lost in the beats for most of the time, in a wee space on the dancefloor where I was in my element. He pulled some timeless classics out the bag (a few belters that were a pleasant surprise!) and laced them into his set fitting them perfectly alongside the likes of the acid sounds of Traumer’s ‘Hoodlum’ and then merging big bassy tracks in with his own  hypnotizing ‘Voices’ nearer the end of the night when he was winding down into the final blast. Smilers everywhere and more importantly, dancers everywhere, even in the non-dancefloor areas!

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As expected, Nightvision nailed it. A diverse crowd who are all there for the music they wanna hear, good vibes and top quality banter are the toppers on the cake of the best beats in Scotland’s capital. I have one complaint – it ended at 3am!!

Next up is one you’d be daft to miss – Nightvision presents Hogmanay… Edinburgh’s best New Year celebration with Todd Terje, Huxley and Jasper James. Unfortunately I need to creep back to London after re-igniting my love with the Scottish club scene (thank you Nightvision), but I’ll be trottin’ back up more often for more helpings of Edinburgh goodness…

TONIGHT! Nightvision presents Musika’s 9th birthday.

Well well, Edinburgh’s biggest line up this year is kicking off massively tonight at The Liquid Room for Nightvision presents Musika’s 9th birthday. The club will host an absolute stellar line-up to celebrate 9 years of Musika – Skream (who will no doubt tear the roof off the club!), Ame and Paranoid London (live) will take over the underground Edinburgh club for the whole night in what’s gonna be a quality night in every sense and even treating us to a 4am license for the superior event!! How exciting! Skream and Ame will take over the main room with Paranoid London playing a live set. Recently voted in RA’s top 20 live acts of 2015 and renowned for their live sets I know I’m really eager for this one. Residents Jamie McKenzie and Kirk Douglas setting the night off perfectly plus Room 2 will be hosted by Hector’s House.

It’s line ups like this that make it no wonder Musika’s been gracing us with some of the best events in Scotland for the best part of a decade…

This is a birthday bash I defo want to be a part of and I suggest you grab your tickets here before its too late. They’re goin down fast…

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